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Staying Safe Online While Shopping Over The Web

Buying products over the web while staying safe online can allow you take advantage of its convenience while doing your due diligence. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful there’s a possibility that you can lose your hard-earned cash from theft through online purchasing. Here are five tips to further ensure that you can stay safe while shopping online.

  1. Monitoring your email

It is exciting to receive notifications of a new deal, but these deal emails could contain some very bad news. You may receive an email that appears to be from a legitimate retailer that turns out to be a fake message from cyber thieves, hoping to lure you into their trap. E-fishing is nothing new, but scammers still rely on this technique to record your personal financial data. If you notice that an email looks strange, do not click on the links. If you ever happen to ever receive phishing emails you can always forward the email to

There are some ways to tell if the email is part of a scam and usually has spelling mistakes or in some cases not even a subject line. If the email contains a request for sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank account information these are also red flags. We recommend the best course of action whenever doing an online purchase is to always go directly to the company website. In some cases, scammers have even built a fake website that looks very similar.

  1. Save that number

Most credit cards have purchase limits that protect against unauthorized charges and protect your liability. Although these measures are in place it is always important to protect your credit card number. One minute I’m doing this is to use a temporary number only for making online shopping purchases. Most banks that issue credit cards can also offer to you a temporary number to make purchases with.

  1. Where you shop matters

Whether you’re shopping well on the girl or comfortably in your home you do not want to be frustrated in any of your purchases due to theft. It is always important to pay attention to the size that you or anybody else in your home visits. Always purchase from reputable dealers or retailers. All courses of action that we recommend so that your chances of becoming a victim are produced turn off from being scammed.

  1. Bank and credit card statements

Always look over your bank and credit card statements. Finding out too late that personal information has been stolen and compromised can cause anger in a loss of a sense of security in any consumer. In many cases, consumers do not regularly check their credit cards or bank details end it is a good habit to start monitoring and controlling your statements online. Only this way if something looks fake it can be dressed in a timely manner. It’s also important to take note that fraudulent purchases that were made on your debit card have a reduced time window compared to conventional credit cards.

  1. Going mobile

Mobile shopping is one of the most popular ways people are purchasing items. Adhering to the same precautions remains just as important as you would when shopping on a computer. One way to stay safe is to download mobile security applications ( apps ). These offer protection against malware or spyware and help track your phone when it is lost or stolen.

All the recommendations that we offer are designed to protect any of our installation clients as well as the general public and we hope that you serve and purchase safely.

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